How Wood Veneers Provide More Stability

How Wood Veneers Provide More Stability

Real wood can be a fantastic style element in many places. Real wood chairs or wardrobes look expensive and nice, but solid wood furniture pieces are expensive. To achieve the look of a solid wood furniture piece, wood veneers have become popular. From the side paneling on old cars to desks that are secretly plywood underneath, wood veneers allow for a certain look while being more cost effective. And while wood veneers are more financially stable, they can also be more durable since they are more resistant to weather conditions.

How Wood Veneers Work: A wood veneer is a thin piece of wood that is glued to the outside of a base to make the base appear like it is the same material as the veneer covering it. The wood or plastic underneath is typically cheap, durable, and ugly, and is covered by a thin and pretty strip of expensive looking wood. This allows for a piece of furniture to be less expensive but achieve the exact same look as a solid expensive equivalent.

How They Maintain Durability: Wood is prone to warping due to water, or even too much moisture in the air. This means solid wood furniture can warp with time due to the nature of wood. A wood veneer over a more durable piece of particle board can resist warping or thermal expansion better than a thick piece of oak will. This allows for a piece of furniture that looks expensive but lasts longer than if it were truly made from wood.

Wood Veneers are a fantastic alternative to more expensive solid wood furniture. They add the look of real wood into your home or workplace, without actually bringing much wood in. With greater cost effectiveness and durability, wood veneers are worth considering.

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