Plumbing: The Various Stages of Becoming A Professional Plumber

Being a plumber is a demanding profession — one which requires lots of passion and commitment. All this reflects on the quality of work you will later do. As a client looking to get professionally done work, here are the stages you should watch out for.

Plumbing: The Various Stages of Becoming A Professional Plumber

  • Stage One: Apprentice

Many seasoned plumbers started their careers as apprentices. This stage typically offers the most training. Only unionized locals or affiliated companies are certified to do this type of training. The whole process takes several years, with guidance from a veteran.

  • Stage Two: Journeyman

As soon as the candidate completes his/her apprenticeship, they may proceed to open their practice. Although the work may be limited. Alternatively, they can peruse their second licensing as a journeyman, requiring them to pass several tests and exam. It should be noted that not all states need practitioners to possess this license, making someone with it highly admirable.

  • Stage Three: Master Level

This is the most coveted title in the profession. It comes with a bigger paycheck as well as headaches and responsibilities. To call yourself a master plumber, you need to have vocational training or an associated degree. Along with this you also need to have several years of working experience under the belt. A master plumber usually serves supervisory levels in plumbing companies. They are responsible for those working under them. This includes answering that they are duly certified and are working within the rules and regulations.

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