5 Common reasons that plumbers are called out

We have all been there: Google searching the best plumbers in our area after discovering that something has gone amiss with the heating or the water. We are going to go through five of the most common reasons as to why plumbers are called out.

A clogged drain or sink

This has to fall into one of the most common reasons as to why a plumber is called out. A sink or a drain can get clogged for many reasons. Maybe there is a build up of food or cleaning product. When the sink becomes blocked we may try and fix it ourselves at first, to no avail. It is in that moment that we decide to call a plumber to come and end our misery.

No hot water

There is nothing worse than not having hot water as it can make it very uncomfortable to do even menial tasks such as: wash the dishes. This becomes even more inconvenient during the winter months of the year, when we are already fighting against the cold. When there is no hot water normally we do not delay in getting into contact with a plumber to get him or her to come try and fix it. If we are lucky then it is a simple problem that won’t cost us a lot of money and can be resolved quickly. Check here!

Problems with the boiler

This one goes hand in hand with the last point as normally they come together. When the boiler is displaying too much pressure on the bar gauge it becomes very important to our own personal safety that we call out a plumber to come and help us resolve the issue. Too much pressure in the boiler may lead to it exploding, and too little pressure will lead to it not heating things up as it should. This is why with any issues that they boiler may present it is vital that we contact a plumber.

Flooding – emergency plumbing

Water can be very damaging to a home. In the case of flood not only can it damage the home but it can also make it dangerous. A flooded home could present a slipping, and to small children, drowning hazard. It is important that when we are met with a flood in our house that we move all that we can out of the waters way and call the plumber as soon as possible to come and fix what has happened.


Last but by no means least, plumbers are quite frequently called out to help install fixtures in the house. These can be things from toilets to bathtubs to sink units. Whatever the installation the plumber is there to help if it needs to be hooked up to the water mains.


Whilst these are just a few of the most common reasons why plumbers are called out we must also take into account that this is just a small fraction of their work. Any competent plumber should be able to take on these challenges and solve them without a lot of difficulties. For more information visit: https://www.wikihow.com/Troubleshoot-Plumbing-Problems

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Plumbing Services that can Lower Your Water Bill

Homes, by virtue of having running water, tend to use a lot of water in daily operation. From sinks to toilets to showers many things in a house use gallons and gallons of water every day. However, one may wonder how they can reduce the amount they are paying for in utilities without changing necessary habits such as showering and washing hands. In this case, plumbing services can help lower water bills while still getting the same benefit from the water being used. Here are some plumbing services that can be done to lower that pesky water bill.

Plumbing Services that can Lower Your Water Bill

  • Replacing Faucets: Not all faucets are created equal, and some are able to do more with less water. Sinks typically have a mesh aerator on them which can make less water feel like it has the same water pressure even though less water is being sent through. This means that when you wash your hands it will the same as any other sink, but in reality, less water is being used.
  • Replacing Shower Heads: In the same way a sink can be made more efficient, so can a shower head. A more efficient shower head can use less water with the same water pressure and make showering feel the same. These water fixtures can be easily replaced with more efficient units be a professional plumber.
  • Repairing Pipes: A leaky pipe may be hard to detect but will increase water bills. These can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with, but a professional plumber can detect and fix a leaky pipe that is hiking up the water bill.

These are just a few examples of plumbing services that can be done that will lower your monthly water bills.

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