3 Helpful Tips for Fiber Optics Splicing

3 Helpful Tips for Fiber Optics Splicing

When it comes to fiber optics splicing, the one thing that you should remember is that it can’t be rushed. There are quite a few factors in it. But here are three tips to remember to help your fiber optics splicing go the right way.

  1. Thoroughly & Frequently Clean Your Tools

Before splicing, make sure that your tools are clean. This will help with avoiding big problems in the infrastructure. Although it might make you spend money and time, you are going to find that it is well worth it and can save you a lot of problems in the future.

  1. Properly Maintain & Operate the Cleaver

Along with properly cleaning your tools, you also want to make sure that you are carefully maintaining your cleaver. This is particularly true because cleavers are the most essential tool needed for splicing fiber optic tables. This can be done by following the instructions from the manufacturer for maintaining and cleaning your cleaver.

  1. Minimally & Methodically Adjust Fusion Parameters

If you are doing fusion splicing, you want to make sure that you’re minimally adjusting your parameters. When you do this, you can change the parameters anyway you’d like and keep your desired setting. You want to change it a single variable after another until you’ve found the right parameters.

These are three tips that you should remember in fiber optics splicing. They will help you with your next job and give you a better chance of being successful with your work.