A Homeowner’s Guide to Burst Pipe Prevention

A Homeowner’s Guide to Burst Pipe PreventionA burst pipe in your home or yard can result in serious flooding and necessitate water damage repair. Water is constantly being pumped into many areas of your home, which also means that flooding could occur almost anywhere. Because pipes are hidden away in the walls of your home and underground, it is easy to ignore them and hope that everything is functioning correctly. However, it is best to have a preventative attitude and to regularly have your pipes evaluated, so that water damage repair is unnecessary.

We have included a few tips for homeowners who want to prevent burst pipes and needing water damage repair:

  • Before the winter months, have your home inspected for pipes that need to be replaced or that may need attention.
  • Some pipes may be at higher risk for freezing during the winter. A reputable plumber may be able to recommend specific products, developed for reducing this likelihood and can also install those products before it gets too cold.
  • There may be leaks in your home that need to be fixed to reduce cold drafts.
  • Maintain warm temperatures inside of your home to keep your pipes from freezing.
  • Have a professional address any of your concerns before it is too late in the season. That way, you’ll feel prepared going into the colder weather.

By following these guidelines, you will feel more in control of how your home is functioning. If you try to ignore this facet of home maintenance, you’ll likely experience underlying stress. We hope you’ll find these guidelines helpful as you attempt to prevent the occurrence of a burst pipe in your home.